Hello again.  This next installment of the Dinner Diaries does not have a recipe.  While I’ve been cooking a good bit, it’s been nothing blog-worthy.  I will spare you the cheese toast and PBJ recipes!  Today’s blog is about what’s been going on in my heart and head lately.  The word for today is CHANGE.  For some, a very scary word.  For others, an exciting one!  It’s both to me.  Lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of change in my life.  Some of it has been exciting (getting married, moving to a new city, making new friends, starting grad school).  Other change has been scary and uncomfortable (moving away from a great community, finding a new job, etc.).  In times of change we are vulnerable.  I think the devil often uses times of change as a way to sneak into our heads and try to trip us up.  I’ve experienced this recently.  

Example 1:  I see pictures on instagram of my friends doing fun things without me and I get jealous.  I think, “Do they not miss me or care about me anymore?  Have they moved on from our friendship?”  Of course this is a totally ridiculous thought.  OF COURSE they still care about me…I just live in Nashville and they know I can’t make a 9-hour drive to come hang out every weekend, so they don’t invite me.  

Example 2:  I read all of the accomplishments and background stories of my new classmates online and become intimidated.  I think, “am I intelligent enough to sit in class with these people?  Do I have anything to bring to the table?  They all seem so smart and have accomplished so much!”  Again, a very silly thought.  OF COURSE I can hang with them.  I took the same tests, filled out the same applications, and got accepted just like everyone else.  

These thoughts prove that I am not fully trusting in God during these times of change.   There’s a quote I see a lot that is very applicable:  “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  So true!  So as I’m floundering in my worry about all kinds of things in my life, I wake up this morning to 64 degree sunshine.  Glorious!  I take my coffee outside and read the Jesus Calling devotion for today.  It was so relevant:

 “I AM YOURS FOR ALL ETERNITY. I am the Alpha and the Omega: the One who is and was and is to come. The world you inhabit is a place of constant changes—more than your mind can absorb without going into shock. Even the body you inhabit is changing relentlessly, in spite of modern science’s attempts to prolong youth and life indefinitely. I, however, am the same yesterday and today and forever. Because I never change, your relationship with Me provides a rock-solid foundation for your life. I will never leave your side. When you move on from this life to the next, My Presence beside you will shine brighter with each step. You have nothing to fear, because I am with you for all time and throughout eternity.”

We need not fear or worry, because while our lives are always changing, God is constant.


Oh, and happy hump day! 🙂


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