Vacation Part III: Blueberry Cobbler

Last but not least on our southeastern tour, Tyler and I went to Savannah to visit his family and some more of our friends.  Our first stop was Tybee Island, where Tyler’s dad and stepmom rented a beach house for her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Maureen!  This was my first time on Tybee.  Cute, quaint, country beach town!  We ate some great local seafood and did some night-time beach walking.  (This was the first time we’d been on the beach our whole vacation when it wasn’t raining!).




After Tybee, we headed to a cute little part of Savannah called Thunderbolt (T-bolt for short) where Tyler’s mom (Kay) and stepdad (Ed) live.  We got to spend some good quality time catching up.  Kay and Ed are great party planners, and threw a little get together with some family and old friends!  It was so great getting to see everyone!





Before we headed back to Nashville, we made a stop at Tyler’s Grandparents house to visit.  His grandfather has a couple of huge blueberry bushes.  We were lucky enough to get to pick some and bring fresh blueberries back with us!


So what do you do with a bunch of fresh blueberries?  You make blueberry cobbler, of course!  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my blueberry cobbler.  It was made in a rush for my girls bible study this week.  But it was SO GOOD…and so easy to make!  To get the recipe, see my Peach Cobbler post, and sub blueberries for peaches.  The only other difference is I mixed a cup of sugar with the blueberries and brought them to a boil in a skillet before I added them to the cobbler.  Served with vanilla ice cream!

***Disclaimer:  I only make these super unhealthy recipes (you know, the ones that call for a whole stick of butter) when I’m hostessing.  I mean, I want people to come to my house and really enjoy what they eat!  No shame in that, right? 🙂

B.V.E.  That stands for Best Vacation Ever.  It wasn’t necessarily relaxing and refreshing, but we had so much fun spending time with each other and our family and friends.  While on vacation, we learned that I received a position at Vanderbilt as a Research Assistant for a special education research project.  This is a HUGE blessing for us.  The position will give me a stipend and waive my tuition for my first year of grad school.  THANK YOU JESUS!  It felt so good to go home with a plan for the fall.  And…no more Mary Poppins for me!  Can’t wait for this new adventure.  Tyler also found out this week that he will no longer be traveling for work.  We are so excited because when he first took this job, we were told he would be traveling 4 days a week every week.  Woo Hoo!  

Up Next:  Audrey and Matt’s Wedding and OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!


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