Vacation Part II: Low Country Boil

After we left the O’Steens at Lake Blalock, we headed down to our old stompin’ grounds….Charleston.  Chucktown.  The Holy City.  There is a special place in my heart for this city.  It’s really one of the most beautiful and friendly places in the world.  I think what I love about it most, though, is all of the wonderful and sweet friends we have there. It was so fun catching up with everyone! It rained for most of our time there, but we didn’t let that get us down.  It just gave us a good excuse to constantly eat and drink! We checked out some new restaurants and visited some old favorites.  





One of the most special parts of our week was coming together with a few other friends and celebrating Matt and Audrey with a Couples Shower!  This was one of the first showers I’d ever planned…and I enjoyed it so much.  I even got a little crafty!  Shout out to Tyler McCoy for making the floral arrangements and garland…the girl is a genius!  Here are some pics:







America’s Birthday also landed in our vacation, and we were so happy to get to celebrate it with old friends and new!  We hung out at Tyler and Britt’s pool, and listened to my new favorite pandora station:  hip hop bbq.  That’s right.  Everyone go check it out!  We cooked a meal that sums up lowcountry living:  

The Lowcountry Boil

-Small Red Potatoes

-Old Bay Seasoning, Lemons, Onion, Garlic (the Flava!)

-Hot Keilbasa Sausage Links

-Corn on the Cob

-Fresh Shrimp

Add the ingredients into a pot of boiling water in the order in which they are listed above in increments of about 10 minutes.  Cook shrimp until they are pink.  Get a disposable table cloth and dump the drained boil on the table.  Serve with cocktail sauce and cornbread.  Warning:  There are rarely leftovers from this delicious meal.  The thing I love about it most is how social and interactive the meal is.  How fun it is to pick at a low country boil and swap stories!  Clean-up is easy too:  Just fold up the disposable table cloth and throw it away!  Lookout Nashville friends:  This Lowcountry favorite is coming to a porch near you very soon!


Our 4th of July ended with fireworks and sparklers on the water….absolutely beautiful!



As much fun as we had in Charleston, and as much as we miss it, I realized something while we were there.  It was hard to leave Charleston to go to Nashville: to leave our friends, our church, my job, and our comfort zone.  But had we stayed, I don’t think our marriage would be as strong as it is.  What a blessing it was to be able to get married and start fresh together:  exploring a new city together, making friends together, and having time for each other.  How wise God is.  He knows exactly what we need when we need it…even if the transition is hard.  

Up next:  the third installment of the southeastern tour!



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