Trail Blazin’ and Peach Cobbler!

Hello again!  I’m very excited about this week’s blog post.  Lots of fun things to share.  

First, Tyler and I had the opportunity to serve our community with our church home group at a ministry called Front Porch Ministries.  This Ministry is truly incredible and gives new meaning to the phrase “Love your neighbor.”  Long story short, Front Porch Ministries is run out of the home of a pretty incredible family who felt called to move to the East side of town and love the people of that neighborhood.  For more information about the ministry, check out their website!  On Friday night we volunteered with a summer movie night for the kids in the neighborhood.  Here are some pics:Image



We also had the great pleasure of hosting two of PMI’s finest, Tyler and Katie!  They were on a volun-tour, recruiting for their medical mission trips around the southeast.  While they were here, we did lots of fun things.

Saturday morning began with the three of us girls getting lost during what we wanted to be a 30 minute hike.  After dismissing the trail map and off-roading through the woods, we realized we had no clue where we were.  (we may have not even been in the park we started hiking in).  Things became dramatic very quickly.  It was basically the beginning of the movie “127 Hours” (or a Criminal Minds Episode).  We were lost, with no water, cell phone, snacks, survival or directional skills.  Finally, we came along another hiker, who when we asked for directions laughed at us, and informed us that we were about 5 miles away from our cars, and that it was all uphill.  Not good news.  Luckily we made it out of the park before any of us became too Hangry.  

We ate a delicious brunch and went to the Musicians Corner, which is a free concert in another park.  On Sunday, we did some cooking.  Here is another Salad in my summer salad series:

Fruit, Walnut, Goat Cheese Salad:


-Baby Spinach


-Green Apple

-Candied Walnuts

-Goat Cheese

-Champagne Vinaigrette (or Asian/Sesame dressing is really good with it!)



Katie also had some friends in town that were selling peaches at Bonnaroo and the Farmers Market.  So, we got some complimentary peaches!  





And what did we do with those free peaches?  We made Peach cobbler, of course!


Melt one stick of butter in a baking dish in the oven.

Cut up 4 cups of peaches.

In separate bowl, mix 1 cup of milk, 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, and a tsp of vanilla.

Pour flour mixture over butter.  Do not mix!  spoon peaches over mixture.  Bake at 350 until golden and bubbly!  (About 45 min).

Serve in a martini glass with ice cream and a mint leaf for garnish!













(and of course we had to serve it with a little bubbly!)


Hooray for summer produce!  Have a great week!




Summer Brussel Sprout Salad!


Hello again!  TGIF!  What a time I have had since I last posted.  Let me start with a little update.

As you know, I am a nanny (call me Mary Poppins).  Last week, I went to beautiful Rosemary Beach with the little darlings and their family.  I was very anxious about the trip.  Just the idea of being stranded with these small children for an entire week, 3 states away from home, was enough to make my stomach turn.  However, I was (as usual) being dramatic, and the trip was not half bad.  I mean, who can complain about this view everyday for a week?


The trip actually included minimal babysitting, I got to drink free wine, I had lots of alone time to read, and I got paid for it!  Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Another highlight of the Rosemary Beach trip is I got to see this little Poodle, the lovely Lulie Wallace!


I had the privilege of visiting Lulie and her family at their beach house.  What she made is also the highlighted dish for this post, which I promptly made for another cookout as soon as I returned home:

Summer Brussel Sprout Salad:

-Brussel Sprouts

-Lemon Juice

-Olive Oil


-Pistachios (shelled)

-Dried Cranberries

-Goat Cheese

Mix the juice from one lemon with 1/2 cup of olive oil and salt/pepper.  Let sit while you mix the rest of the ingredients.  Cut the stems off of the brussel sprouts and separate all the leaves.  You can chop/shred the leaves, or leave them whole.  (I made the mistake of putting them in my Ninja blender, which DESTROYED the leaves, so if you want a rough chop, I would do it by hand).  Mix brussel sprouts with cranberries and pistachios.  Break up a small package of goat cheese and combine into the salad.  Finally, pour the dressing over the salad and mix.  You can top with bacon pieces if you wish!  Let sit for at least an hour in the fridge and stir again before serving.

**another variation of this salad was given to me by my dear friend Tyler McCoy, where you roast the brussel sprouts.  This is also delicious, but I like the cold salad for summertime!**

Once I returned from Rosemary beach, my hubs and I hit the ground running.  This week has been filled with fun.  Our friend Dan from college flew into town for Navy flight training.  We were excited to be able to have dinner with him and catch up!  We went to Burger Up, and for you Nashville friends, I do not recommend it.  I had the most bland turkey burger ever.  In my next post I will show you what a real Turkey burger is 🙂

Tyler talked me into going to play golf with him for the first time (and by golf, I mean I drove the golf cart, picked flowers, and sipped a cocktail!).  It was so much fun!  We went with our friends Josh and Olivia!  I think I could get used to playing golf!



I’m also continuing to nest and create our home.  I made exciting big-girl purchase this week, and can’t wait to entertain with it!


I found this gem at Nadeau.  There’s one in Nashville and in Charleston (and lots of other cities).  If you’ve never been, go check it out!  Lots of great furniture pieces from all over the world at wholesale prices!

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!