Summer Salad Series: Egg Salad Salad

Hello again.  In my last post, I mentioned how excited I’m getting about summer veggies and playing around with new salad variations.  So I decided to start the “Summer Salad Series” to the Dinner Diaries.  Stay tuned for delicious (and maybe weird) salads!  But to start us off, I’m going with a classic.

Dijon-Dill Egg Salad 

(sorry for the blurry picture!)




10 hard-boiled Eggs

1 Tbsp Light Mayo

1-2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard (depending on how creamy and tangy you want it)

1 Splash of Vinegar

1 Tbsp Sweet Relish

1 Tsp Fresh Dill (chopped)

Salt & Pepper to Taste


-Peel and Chop Eggs

-Mix all ingredients in bowl

-Refrigerate for a few hours

-Serve on sandwich bread, with crackers, or over a bed of your favorite lettuce!



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