Steeplechase and Summer Salads!

Hello again.  In this edition of The Dinner Diaries, I’m giving a recap of our first Steeplechase.  We had a great time tail-gating with some of our HCA friends (Tyler’s co-workers).  In the south, tail-gating is an art form.  We do it right.  I would consider Steeplechase the “Masters” of taile-gates (Yes, I use golf analogies now because I’m married to a golf-aholic!).  Here are some pictures from the day:


2013-05-11 09.36.50

Best part of Steeplechase:  My fabulous fascinator!

No pictures of the tailgate food and bevs, but here are some highlights that I can’t wait to make myself:

-Strawberry, marshmallow, angel food skewers

-Buffalo Chicken Sliders

– Chicken and Broccoli Stromboli

-homemade Doughnuts

And yes, I did see a horsey race!

On another note, today I bought a copy of Cooking light magazine for a little healthy inspiration.  With summer comes lots of yummy veggies.  Tyler and I are trying to slim down for bikini season, so look for some healthy summer recipes to come!  They had a great article about summer salad variations.  I didn’t have any ingredients for the ones in the magazine… so i improvised! I call it the Fajita Salad!


2013-05-12 19.51.22

This salad includes:  Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, grilled onions, grilled yellow pepper, grilled mushrooms, shredded cheese, croutons.  I’m excited to experiment with some new ingredients and make creative salads!  Stay tuned!


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