New Beginnings

I’ve always wanted to have a blog.  I have many friends who have trendy, thought-provoking, funny blogs.  The problem is, I’ve never known what  to write about.  I didn’t have something I was super passionate about that other people might actually enjoy reading…until now!!

I’ve always loved cooking, but never had the kitchen, money, or time to really explore my abilities.  Now, I have a new husband to cook for, and I only work part time (i.e. more time to find recipes, shop, and experiment in the kitchen.)  It is so fun to shop for local food, experiment  with unknown ingredients, have a recipe turn out like the picture, and serve finger-lickin good food to the people you love!  Food brings people together, and that’s why I love cooking so much.  It’s my favorite way to serve others.  I aim to create memorable meals, great conversation, and happy tummies…one new dish at a time!

So, this blog is all about my journey as a new wife and amateur chef… and any other little nuggets I come across as I continue discovering my new hometown of Nashville.



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